Monday, May 11, 2009

My classmates are cavemen, and freedom in an appointment

School was...pleasent. Pleasent that is, is what I consider all my days that weren't outragously great or horrible. After my clay treasure chest's bottom blew out I managed to redo it and hopefully it will be fine. Apparently the 1st model explosion was something of a random event and because the only excuse for it blowing up isn't mentally acceptable I'll just agree with my art teacher's excuse and hope that treasure chest 2.0 has a better fate.

The rest of the classes went fine, pratised hurdles which I enjoyed. Now something I'd like to point out is that there is a group of girls (plus one guy who can easily pass for a girl) that constantly make jokes surrounding myself. Today it was their visual of how I'd do hurdles, not that they'd know because only 10 girls actually showed up and boys werent allowed! Also my running and shot put technique were scrutinized. Some would call this bullying I call it cavemen trying to make a rock funny. See the jokes are nothing like the 'your momma' jokes. Their lame and very uncreative and do not affect my self esteem except that it increases it because I enjoy the attention. As well only this group of 4 or 5 enjoy them, like I said, cavemen.

I say no more.

On a happier note, freedom is scheduled for March 23 2010 on which my braces will come off! See yeah, no more to the wires! I will forever never take flossing for granted again. This is great for me and after having four adult teeth pulled out for the sake of straight teeth I better have a kick ass smile.

Now, I walk the mutt, perhaps fill out this blog a bit better and, like any and every teenager....EAT!

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