Monday, May 18, 2009


My 3 day weekend could not have gone better. Allow me to summarize it:

Saturday: Went on a 6 hour shopping trip with mom. Bonded with her :D Got 2 swimsuits--glad that's out of the way! 4 pairs of shorts, and 2 hoodies. The hoodies was a good thing because before I only had one that I wore all the time, eek can't allow people to start tossing me coins.

Sunday: Got the new Green Day CD '21st century Breakdown', was at grandparent's for 5 hours. Sure their loony but a whole lot of fun. And for a 66yr old guy who is French/German/Canadian he made some good Won-Ton soup! Also got a very pretty locket.

Monday (Victoria Day): Proclaimed 'Hermit Day' (stay inside whole day) I played some Sacred 2 though I'm only a beginner and Hermit Day went down the drain! I called one of my best friends (OOMF) Amy up at 12:30 and called Joel at 12:50, meeting at our rendez vous point by 1:20! So unplanned, we had a great time for little money and I didn't get home till 7:30! OOMF Kristina learned to ride a bike which makes me very happy. She will not miss out on the bike tour on our graduation trip in Ottawa.

A great, great, GREAT WEEKEND. I loved it and I find it difficult to blog when you're too pleased to sit in front of a screen and document.

Tomorrow is art and a shot (one's doctors give). I am still waiting impatiently to find out who will be the winner of the yearbook contest and have their drawing used for the cover. Check it out!

Oh yeah, kick A%^

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