Thursday, May 14, 2009

Being an Emcee

I emceed our school's talent show with 2 other people. We've pratised for about a week, using all our nutrition breaks to get it right and what happens? The mike (microphone) doesn't work, or more specifically mine was out of comission. Maybe it was the lights that topped it but my face felt warm for almost the entire time. I stood there alot and tapped the mike alot and spoke before the mike was working. I screwed up alot which was a little upsetting considering how much time I spent inside working on this. Luckily I have an excuse!

TEQ Crew.

Curse them and their inability to raise currents, pull over unneeded podiums, get art slide shows to play and get microphones to work! I can only hope they work out all the kinks and if not I always have my fabulous dance-on-the-stage-like-a-whacko-while-the-performer-is-performing-on-the-ground. I will still be bored but if Tight Wad (fellow emcee whom cannot stand my dancing nor my 'cliches' and will raise agrument if I do not stop) lets me dance in peace, all will be ok.

And hey, being emcee gives me experiance in something that doesn't require reading books and something to put on a drama or public speaking application!

Wish me luck as I do it all over again in an hour with more success, more fun and less...

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